Peter La Monica | Senior Computer Forensics Analyst

I have worked with computer systems since 1980, computer forensics since 2000, training or teaching at one place or another since 1980. I have earned countless certifications over the years MCPs, A+ Network, DFCP, CNE, EnCE and others. Over the years I have worked with Personal computers, Cell phones, smart phones, servers, DOS, Windows9x all the way through Windows 8, FAT, NTFS, Ethernet, Mobile IP, GSM, CDMA, Windows office products, EnCase, FTK, iLook, DD, Zoom1 and TD1 (forensic imaging tools), NetAnalysis, E-Mail Examiner, Gargoyle, F3, iXAM, Paraben Device Seizure, Data Pilot, XRY, CellDek, Cellebrite, Aceso, Nutrino, BitPim, ZRT, Mobile Edit and more

I retired from Federal Service in 2012 and these days you can find me teaching in the Computer Department at the Community College System of New Hampshire's Manchester Campus.

We plan to close BeNetSafe.Org this year. It is a Non Profit I founded to speak to parents, teaching Law Enforcement and kids about staying safe online and cyber bullying. While this is still very important schools seem to be doing a better job on this subject and parents are not as Internet clueless as they were in 2002 when we starded the organization.

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