Peter La Monica | Senior Computer Forensics Analyst

I have worked with computer systems since 1980, computer forensics from 2000 to 2012. Earning countless certifications over the years: MCPs, A+ Network, DFCP, CNE, EnCE and others. I have worked with Personal computers, Cell phones, smart phones, servers, DOS, Windows9x all the way through Windows 8, FAT, NTFS, Ethernet, Mobile IP, GSM, CDMA, Windows office products, EnCase, FTK, iLook, DD, Zoom1 and TD1 (forensic imaging tools), NetAnalysis, E-Mail Examiner, Gargoyle, F3, iXAM, Paraben Device Seizure, Data Pilot, XRY, CellDek, Cellebrite, Aceso, Nutrino, BitPim, ZRT, Mobile Edit and more

I have attended more than 700 hours of computer forensic training in; FTK, EnCase, Device Seizure, XRY, Secure View, iLook, E-Mail Examiner, Gargoyle, iXAM, Device Seizure, Data Pilot, Mobile Edit and others sponsored by Department of Defense (DOD), SEARCH, Access Data, Guidance Software, Paraben, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), NH Cyber Crime Initiative, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA), NWC3 and others.

Forensic Analysis History
Expert in computer forensics and Cell Phone analysts. I have assisted agents for the FBI, Secret Service, ICE, ATF, US Marshals, local law enforcement, other law enforcement agencies andhave been the key contact for criminal investigations for crimes against children, mail fraud, crimes involving computers, computer networks, cell phones, mobile devices, etc. I have completed 400+ computer forensic and cell phone analysis. Analyze cell phones, smart phones/iPhone for call logs, text messages stored data including but not limited to Internet access, GPS information and stored or deleted photographs and data.